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    DIY Wine Cork Sign Holder

    Recycle Wine Corks into an Elegant Sign Holder

    Hey Everyone and Welcome to 2017!

    An array of incredible and beautiful things happened in the tail end of 2016. The most wonderful of all is that we TIED THE KNOT in October! While it was a supremely happy time in our lives these past few months proved to be the most busy and hectic we’ve ever experienced. We wrapped up the wedding plans, took a mini-moon to the Finger Lakes wine country, celebrated birthdays (mine included), holidays, and everything in between. Life is starting to afford us with moments of stillness which means I can begin sharing some fun DIY wine-inspired projects with you.  The first tutorial I’m excited to share is sign holders made out of wine corks!

    Taking the DIY Wedding Route

    Like most couples planning their wedding, my now-husband and I had a budget that we wanted to stick to. One of the ways we managed to save on costs and stay on target was by making some of the décor pieces ourselves. Luckily, we secured our venue early in the planning stage which helped guide the theme, color and décor choices. You see, we held our ceremony and reception at Chamard Vineyards in Clinton, Connecticut.

    While we didn’t want to exploit the “vineyard” theme we knew we wanted to incorporate a few key pieces to pay homage to the winery. Some of the wine-inspired DIY projects we created were gold spray-painted wine bottles used as flower vases, wine cork letters that spelled out the word “bar,” table numbers on wine bottles, and menu and cupcake sign holders made from wine corks. All four projects are easy to make and can complement any party theme.

    hese cork sign holders turned out better than expected and tied into the winery setting perfectly.

    Photo: Daphne and Dean

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